Favorite Face Masks

I love face masks! Everytime I go to the store I always look to see if there is a mask I have never tried before. The benefits you get from using them are amazing.

So I am going to talk about my favorites from peel off, to sheet masks and creams.

The first brand is Miss Spa. I have seen these at Walgreens and Target. They are also at Ulta. So far I have used the Oxygenating bubble mask and the 24k Gold mask. Both of these are so fun to use. The bubble sheet mask activates as soon as you take it out of its package. The 24K is another fun one but a little drippy. I still can’t get the gold shimmer out of the tile. Oops! Cannot wait to try more.

If you follow my Instagram you will know that this is another favorite of mine. They have a variety of masks. Sheets, creams and peel offs. Que Bella just released new ones that I cannot wait to try. Back in October, I won a contest that Que Bell had on their Instagram. They just sent me my prize so that I can try their new ones.


The moringa oil sheet masque is my favorite by far. Smells so good and made my face feel hydrated.

I am also using Alba Botanica deep sea facial mask. I haven’t used it for long to have an opinion on but will update you when I have used it for a few weeks.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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All opinions are my own. I do not receive compensation for my opinions. All products were purchased by me unless noted otherwise.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Face Masks

  1. I’m beginning to get into face masks a bit more as well. I really love them! 🙂 I’ll have to check out Alba botanica. I own two products from that brand, I don’t think I ever saw the face mask on the shelf. Maybe I’ll have to look at a different store.

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