Velvet Matte Lips


Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. School and work have been taking over my life. But fortunately this semester is over in TWO WEEKS!! Can you tell I’m excited. I will have more time to post to the blog since I have few things planned. I really want to post my first YouTube video showing my makeup collection. Enough of the explanation and my plans, let’s get onto the post!

These Velvet Matte Lip Colors from Wet n Wild are so pretty. I found these at my Walgreens and they have more colors than these. Let me show you what colors I have picked up.


Hickory Smoked- The color is a burnt sienna.


Charred Cherry- Dark Magenta


Nude Streak- Cannot go wrong with a nude lip.


Berry Tales- Light pink


Lie Lack- Beautiful lilac


Left to Right- Berry Tales, Lie Lack,Nude Streak, Hickory Smoked, Charred Cherry

Now the review. I love these. They are gorgeous, light weight on the lips and velvet. But they don’t last long and you have to touch them up after an hour. And I don’t know if any of you get this as well, but it tends to get clumpy at the corners of my mouth. I do suggest that with any matte lip product, apply a lip balm, moisturizer or sugar scrub. There are four other colors as well. So when I get my hands on them I will post them here.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope everyone has a great week.

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6 thoughts on “Velvet Matte Lips

  1. Can you believe this post didn’t show up on my feed? I had seen your instagram post and I was like “yay!” But i didn’t find it in my reader which is weird because I’m following you so I ended up going to your IG and clicking on your site lol.
    Anyway, these shades are gorgeous. I haven’t seen these in store surprisingly.

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