Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. So I am not the type of person to have monthly favorites. I usually have a collection of favorites that I have discovered. If I did a monthly favorites post will not be long enough. Now let’s get into the post.


The Strobe of Genius by NYX is my favorite drugstore highlight palette. You get seven highlighters and all different shades. That lavender one is my favorite. I like how you can use them just how they are and get a nice subtle highlight. Or you can wet a brush with setting spray and get an intense look. I also like to use some of these colors as lid shades.

DSC00117 (1)

This was a toss-up between Wet n Wilds and Milani. Now both are amazing and I get Wet n Wild’s primer if my drugstores don’t have Milani. This product keeps my makeup intact throughout the day when used with the setting spray. No it does not minimize pores, but it does help create a smooth surface for foundation.

Matte lips are all the rage now. Liquid Catsuit by Wet n Wild is absolutely my favorite. I know I’m late to the party. But as I am getting used to having matte lips, I have been discovering great products. And to take this a step further, my favorite shade is Rebel Rose!




Can you guess what my favorite trend is from the photos? If you guessed cold/off the shoulder then you guessed correctly. For some reason I love this look. I think it’s the fact that your shoulders are exposed but certain parts of the arm is covered. Also I love floral prints and rompers.


So with music I could not choose one between Incubus and Ed Sheeran. Both are so different. Incubus is an alternative band and I have been a fan since the eighth grade(2004). And Ed Sheeran’s new album after a two year? hiatus is amazing. So both have been on repeat in my car everyday.

That is it for my favorites. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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